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Geolocating ducks in Essex

Earlier this week, Sebastian and I gave a workshop about geolocation at IWMW 2009. Despite ongoing struggles with the wireless networking it all went fairly smoothly, and the 12 or so workshop attendees seemed interested and engaged — and even willing to do the ‘audience participation’ section! This was a re-run of what we did [...]

A simple library mashup

At the Erewhon workshop in December we asked people to choose/suggest applications for geodata. One of the favourites was: “Find the nearest copy of a book from a reading list (bearing in mind which libraries you can use, and the opening hours of libraries)” so we decided to use this as an example of how [...]

Sakai tools

Earlier this year we surveyed all the tools available to us in our Sakai VLE, with a view to deciding which were the top candidates for mobilisation (whether by developing a new mobile-friendly interface or by tidying up the existing tool).
When evaluating these tools we tried to consider:

how widely they were used
how relevant they were [...]

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