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Institutional Collaboration

Our SharePoint space is now working. A number of documents and a discussion area is there and the code will be added very soon (just removing usernames/passwords now).
If you’d like access to this site please e-mail with your details and I’ll send you an invite to register/access the content.

Caring and Sharing

Southampton is just starting its second academic year using the JISC funded e-Assignment system. This will be with the majority of assignments from 3 Faculties along with pilot assignments from all others during the year. We’ll also be linking e-Assignment to a new feature of the University student administration system so that final marks can [...]

e-Assignment where are we so far?

So another big gap since our last update. We performed several more tests of submission and marking over the summer and created our pre-production and production environments. Unfortunately we were still lagging behind in functionality for the administration of assignments, as such we decided not to ‘go live’ with the system in semester 1.
The School’s [...]

Tests and development progress

It’s been a while since the last post as we’ve been busy preparing for, and conducting, tests on the eAssignment environment so far.
We have actually conducted one successful test of marking with real data (this was additional to ‘normal’ marking so didn’t affect student results). Alongside this we ran a survey for markers asking about [...]

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