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Institutional Repositories: acceptance and adoption

I have been reading some literature about institutional (digital) repositories. I am interested in the human and social issues surrounding their development and implementation as well as their embedding. I think this literature is very relevant to BRII as it reports experiences in similar implementations (not necessarily technically but conceptually) in similar kinds of institutions.Technically

A bit more about BRII

I am new in this post so I have been reading everything that comes to my hands which is related to this and similar projects in Oxford University. That includes websites and other kinds of documentation. For example, the project proposal and project plan which were written for JISC – the funders of the project – way before I joined the team. A summary of those is presented in our Project Website.

Making sense of chaos

The Medical Sciences division (MedSci) in Oxford University is BRII’s main stakeholder. BRII will work with several departments within that division and target data in their websites which have already been published or which are classified as appropriate for open publication. These data will be harvested, classified (using taxonomies and ontologies) and aggregated. Finally BRII will create a

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