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Blue Pages video clip

As the project will end soon (31st of March) I wanted to show you what we have done so far with the Blue Pages. We will not stop working though. We will continue working on harvesting more data and user engagement. Anusha and Mat have been working tirelessly on the Blue Pages and although there is still a lot of work to be done on it I think it is at a stage where I can show you a short demo.

BRII Blue Pages

Creating Oxford University Blue Pages is one of the objectives of the BRII Project (see The Blue Pages will be a directory of expertise. Through them you will be able to search for research activities and experts in Oxford University. As I see it, it will be a sort of mega tool allowing you to see what is in Oxford’s Research Information Infrastructure from

Developing the Bluepages

The BRII project is very much on track.I finished the Stakeholder and User needs Analysis. Will be ready for distribution soon.Ben has been working on the development of the foundations of the Research Information Infrastructure (RII). He has also created an online store for the vocabularies resulting from the BRII project. The vocab site has been given a single, central location in Oxford and

BRII Inside O.R.

This week I got a copy of the Inside O.R. magazine – November issue with a short article about BRII. I wrote this article after the OR51 conference (Operational Research) where I presented a paper called Making Sense of Research Activity Information in the Information Systems stream.Thanks to Rajan Anketell, Inside O.R. editor.Click here to download whole issue.

Blue Pages – User Tests 2

After 3 intense weeks Anusha, Monica and I have completed a second round of user tests. This time no mock ups but with the real thing, which of course is the Blue Pages v0.00 :) We did 15 tests with a selection of academics, students, administrators and one research facilitator. Again feedback has proved to be an eye opener, and is helping us on our design.Tests lasted an average of 45 minutes

Project Evaluation

We just finished our Project Evaluation report. The project’s summative evaluation took place on the 19th of February and was directed by Neil Beagrie from Charles Beagrie Ltd. As part of this evaluation Neil ran an online survey with a sample of our interviewees and testers. The results were very positive. We chose people who knew about BRII and who had at least seen a demo or tested the Blue

Uncovering User Perceptions of Research Activity Data

I recently wrote a paper about the user testing of the Oxford Blue Pages. It has been published in Ariadne in their January 2010 issue. Here you have a link to the article in Ariadne The title is Uncovering User Perceptions of Research Activity Data. I chose that title to emphasise the aspect of the user testing which we think helped us the most to

Blue Pages – User Tests 3

We have just started a third round of user tests of the Oxford Blue Pages. This time tests focus on research collaborations. Collaborations can happen in projects, when writing (books, articles, etc,) or they can be informal exchanges of knowledge. The Blue Pages will display the collaborators of researchers as far as data is available. Names of collaborators will be extracted from publications,

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