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Distilling project learning and realising benefits

This project has a wide remit; consider the scope of the model as presented through the concept map in  previous post. In realising the benefits of the project, we have proposed a project which evaluates and aides an institution’s current progress in embedding lifelong learning and workforce development (LLLWFD) programmes and in providing them with [...]

Project impact and stakeholder engagement

The WELL project evaluation workshops on 3rd Novemer 2009 showed that WBL arena can be quite a tough nut for HE to crack. The workshops thrashed out some of the key issues in relation to
“success” for all stakeholders and what constitutes a “successful” WBL project; and
developing a stakeholder engagement strategy for WBL projects.
Notes made at [...]

Scoping the University’s landscape

Starting work on the project, and at the University, has been a monumental learning curve: the culture, the acronyms, the protocols and procedures, the traditions, etc. I still haven’t digested everything, but I’ve discovered a culture where one’s identity is sometimes shaped by one’s academic subject, school, or initiative rather than one’s affiliation with an [...]

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