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BRII Update

This is a short update on our activities and some ideas I have come up with.Since the end of the BRII project we have been working on the registry and user engagement. We are adding more data continuously. We are also outlining data quality control processes and planning some activities with users to evaluate our work.Outcomes of our work in BRII gave us some insights into what the requirements

What is Research Management Data?

BRII’s aim is to develop an infrastructure that captures research management information from different sources, which are published or which are classified as appropriate for open publication, and allow their sharing or dissemination in different contexts. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am planning a stakeholder analysis (which I hope to start soon!) to identify stakeholders and their

The Ethical Consideration of Data

In January 2009, the Pedagogic Research Team needed to identify the types of demographical data that they wanted to use in order to build up a picture of how students were using the thin client laptops and how they were using the space in Augustine House.
The thin client laptops will each have a radio-frequency identification [...]

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