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Oxford now a member of the University iPhone Developer Programme

As of this afternoon, the University of Oxford is a member of the iPhone Developer programme which can help facilitate the production and distribution of applications to potential developers within the organisation (and to the app store). If you are a member of the University and would like to submit an app to the app [...]

Other IIP JISC Projects

When JISC put the call in for projects in May 2008 as part of its’ second phase of the Institutional Innovation Programme (IIP), they had received well over 70 proposals for projects looking for a share of the £13.08m investment “aimed at supporting existing institutional strategies by providing solutions to institution-wide problems, based upon proven practices, technologies, standards [...]

A quick overview of positioning methods

Location Based Services (LBS) require us to know where we are to differing degrees of accuracy, so how can we best obtain this information electronically in different scenarios? Below is a list of common technologies we can use today to help determine our location:

Point Of Interest (accuracy of points of interest database and identification by [...]

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