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Distilling project learning and realising benefits

This project has a wide remit; consider the scope of the model as presented through the concept map in  previous post. In realising the benefits of the project, we have proposed a project which evaluates and aides an institution’s current progress in embedding lifelong learning and workforce development (LLLWFD) programmes and in providing them with [...]

Project Evaluation

We just finished our Project Evaluation report. The project’s summative evaluation took place on the 19th of February and was directed by Neil Beagrie from Charles Beagrie Ltd. As part of this evaluation Neil ran an online survey with a sample of our interviewees and testers. The results were very positive. We chose people who knew about BRII and who had at least seen a demo or tested the Blue

Project impact and stakeholder engagement

The WELL project evaluation workshops on 3rd Novemer 2009 showed that WBL arena can be quite a tough nut for HE to crack. The workshops thrashed out some of the key issues in relation to
“success” for all stakeholders and what constitutes a “successful” WBL project; and
developing a stakeholder engagement strategy for WBL projects.
Notes made at [...]


The WELL project has adopted an ongoing approach to evaluation, using a reflective approach that is designed to secure continuous improvement. The process will have a stong emphasis on evaluating the project against its objectives, its operations and its impact on the institution, sector, employers, students and other stakeholders. The WBL arena can be quite [...]

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