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SSBR Festival of Assemblies

The Pineapple and Telstar projects ran an APEL Assembly at JISC  event in Oxford yesterday. It was a good chance to have indepth discussions about some of the more knotty issues, such as group APEL claims, and to get colleagues’ views about some of the issues we have encountered. We were very pleased to see [...]


Pineapple attended the JISC Joint Information Forum event at Egham this week. This was the first JIF I have attended and I found it a really useful event from a practical project management perspective.  We were delighted to get the award for best poster.

Advisory Group Meeting

On Friday 2nd of July we will have our first advisory group meeting after the BRII Project ended. The advisory group is comprised of 10 stakeholders from across the University. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss avenues for development of the Entity Registry and related services (i.e. Blue Pages) and strategies for embedding these services within the University. This of course will be a

BRII at the SCONUL Conference

Yesterday I attended the “Organisational Leadership in a Time of Change” SCONUL Conference at Leeds Queens Hotel. Although I could not stay for the whole event (I stayed only 1 of 3 days) I enjoyed it. I attended a few presentations and presented our BRII poster.I would like to thank Prof John Lancaster who welcomed me and who kindly helped me to move the BRII poster to a more visible place :)

BRII Presentation

On Friday 5th of March I attended a book launch at the University of Hull – Business School. The book is titled “Supporting research students” by Dr Barbara Allan.”The importance of supporting the needs of research students has recently risen higher up the academic agenda around the world. Numbers of postgraduate students have expanded, and the traditional PhD has now been joined by a new range

Stakeholder Buy-in

On the 9th of June we hosted an Assembly. The topic was Stakeholder buy-in and we invited participants from other 6 JISC-funded projects and a representative from the JISC. (Find the programme here.) Our aim was to have a small but friendly gathering where we could exchange ideas, issues and problems related to stakeholder engagement. Basically what we asked presenters was to share their

Stakeholder Analysis Report

I have been busy these last weeks writing the BRII Stakeholder Analysis report. It is almost ready! I hope to have it finished by next week. Sally has already read it and she has made some suggestions. I am working on them now.This report has over 13 thousand words (35 pages), and it will probably reach 14 thousand as I will write an executive summary after I finish it. To carry out this study I

What is going on in BRII

Since September we have been carrying out user tests of the Oxford Blue pages. These tests have been very useful to improve the Blue Pages usability and to get the perspectives of potential users. These perspectives were not limited to the Blue Pages but to the BRII registry. After seeing the Blue Pages testers asked about the sources of data and the processes of updating these in the registry.

BRII’s Products – JISC Trade Fair

These are posters I designed for the Institutional Innovation Projects Trade Fair. The posters explain our three products: a vocab site, an approach to user testing and the Blue Pages.Click on pictures to get larger versionsWe have many more products of course but these are the ones I thought could be more attractive to other projects. In addition to the above, we have produced an object registry

JISC MEAoT Assembly

Yesterday I attended a JISC assembly organised by the Modular e-Administration of Teaching MEAoT Project run by CARET – Cambridge University. The aim of the event was to explore ways in which stakeholders and other parties can be encouraged to adopt tools developed in JISC projects. Below you can see my presentation:The second slide briefly explains the nature of BRII and the Entity Registry we

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