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Institutional Repositories: acceptance and adoption

I have been reading some literature about institutional (digital) repositories. I am interested in the human and social issues surrounding their development and implementation as well as their embedding. I think this literature is very relevant to BRII as it reports experiences in similar implementations (not necessarily technically but conceptually) in similar kinds of institutions.Technically

Connecting stakeholders and data

The first stage in the BRII project is to carry out a stakeholder analysis. A stakeholder analysis is a process that involves the identification of the project’s stakeholders and an assessment of their interests and the ways those interests could affect or be affected by the project. Stakeholders could be people or organisations and their interests could be in favour or against the project.As the

Stakeholder Analysis

Another week into the project….And now I have set foot on the analysis process, writing project briefs and sending emails like crazy… hmmm well not like crazy, I am still in first gear but I gaining speed!I have explained in previous posts that Oxford University is so big and so complex I needed a few weeks to absorb and understand all these names, acronyms, hierarchies, structures,

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