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EdSpace Assemblies

We have just run our first Assembly – under the auspices of the additional funding made available to some Projects which participated in the Institutional Exemplars Programme 2007-2009.  This event was actually a mini Assembly, precursor to a larger event which we are planning for February 2010.
On Wednesday 4 November, 2009, we welcomed @15 guests [...]

Postgraduate support for EdShare

On 11 March I was invited along to a newly-formed University Group which has emerged from the 3 Graduate Schools associated with each of the faculties within the institution.  This Group has been formed to provide a strategic way to explore and understand work for supporting post-graduate research students and their supervisors, as well as to share and [...]

Features and feedback from February

We have been working on enhancing the frontpage of EdShare.  The new look was unveiled at the end of last week.  We have also been looking at the overall presentation of specific features for the user interface.  Having mapped out our final workplan for the last month of the JISC-funded section on this Project, we [...]

Supporting the discussions

Jessie Hey and I have been attending a whole range of meetings across the institution over the past year especially to engage our community with the Edshare resource our Project is developing.  The most recent event we have attended was a Faculty Education Committee meeting for one of the 3 Faculty groups within the University.  [...]

Learning and teaching repositories

Very interesting recent outbreak of discussion on the JISC-Repositories discussion list – thread – List for learning object repositories? The starting point was a question from Fred Riley, Learning Technologist at the University of Nottingham.  Fred’s question was explicitly to discover the existence or otherwise of a list for discussing learning and teaching repository issues.  [...]

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