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Welcome to the BRII Blog

Welcome to the Building the Research information Infrastructure (BRII) Blog. My name is Cecilia Loureiro-Koechlin, I am the Project Analyst for BRII. I work for the Systems and eResearch Service (SERS) part of the Oxford University Library Services (OULS). I am based at Osney One, Osney Mead in Oxford, a nice, quiet building not very far from the city centre.The BRII project aims to gather

Making sense of chaos

The Medical Sciences division (MedSci) in Oxford University is BRII’s main stakeholder. BRII will work with several departments within that division and target data in their websites which have already been published or which are classified as appropriate for open publication. These data will be harvested, classified (using taxonomies and ontologies) and aggregated. Finally BRII will create a

Research Websites in the MSD

Yesterday I attended an interesting presentation in the Oxford Libraries Staff Conference 2009 titled: Research Websites in the MSD (or letting cats herd themselves) presented by Anne Bowtell, the Medical Sciences Divisional Web Manager. It focused on the complex and confusing structures of that division and the difficulties at designing numerous websites and trying to keep all their content

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