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Pineapple Workshop

The team attended the Sustaining Innovation via Organisational Development Workshop on Monday June 7th at Staffordshire University. There were plenty of interesting debates during the workshops that were held throughout the day and we contributed a session on APEL and the Pineapple tool.

Meeting with University of Plymouth registry

The team recently met up with the University of Plymouth registry to discuss the finer detail of their APEL regulations.

JISC Programme Meeting

Attended a JISC Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development Programme meeting last week. It was a good opportunity to talk to people from other projects and find out what they are doing and it turns out that there is a lot of common ground when it comes to tackling APEL issues. I made some interesting contacts [...]

Assembly @ Bradford

Rob and Harriet enjoyed a very useful assembly last week. Thanks go to Ibrar and the team at Bradford for hosting the event. It was good to get a chance to share ideas and discuss specific issues about APEL in HE – lots to think about!

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