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Project presentation

Informal meeting at Middlesex

On Wednesday 16th December I travelled down to Middlesex University to find out more about their WBL provisions, and particularly how an institution can ‘roll out’ a model of WBL once it has been piloted as part of a project.
I was subject to the wonderful hospitality of Dr. George Dafoulas (MUSKET project), Dr. Barbara Workman [...]

Learner Survey

As part of the JISC WELL project, we are conducting research into the views of the students on the two pilot programmes, Cert. in Reablement Support and MA Integrated Emergency Management. A questionnaire carried out helps us to understand more about students’:

familiarity with technologies for learning (Questions 1, 3, 4, 5),
level of comfort in using [...]

Project Methodology

Initially I will focus on gathering current practice, research, review and evaluation of materials with support from the academic schools and the Centre for Academic Practice (often referred to by erstwhile name, TQEG).
In the later stages the emphasis will shift towards working directly with learners and their employers, developing and testing approaches to delivery and [...]

Data Analysis

In my previous post I talked about my initial thoughts on the data I am collecting from my interviews. That was an exercise to warm my brain up to start thinking on qualitative data analysis, categorisation and coding of data. In this post I would like to briefly explain the methodology I am using to analyse that data. Be careful… this post has a bit of theory on methodology, but I’ll try to

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