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Geolocating ducks in Essex

Earlier this week, Sebastian and I gave a workshop about geolocation at IWMW 2009. Despite ongoing struggles with the wireless networking it all went fairly smoothly, and the 12 or so workshop attendees seemed interested and engaged — and even willing to do the ‘audience participation’ section! This was a re-run of what we did [...]

Talk to OxPoints! E-mail and Twitter

As our new OxPoints system is starting to take shape, people have started coming to us with more use-cases and feature requests. To aid in this process we’ve got two main methods of communication for you:
Follow us, message us @oxforderewhon
If you want to talk about OxPoints we encourage you to use the tag #oxp which [...]

A simple library mashup

At the Erewhon workshop in December we asked people to choose/suggest applications for geodata. One of the favourites was: “Find the nearest copy of a book from a reading list (bearing in mind which libraries you can use, and the opening hours of libraries)” so we decided to use this as an example of how [...]

Exploring Oxpoints: directions from place to place

In order to demonstrate the data now available in Erewhon’s
geodata store, Oxpoints, I wanted a way to quickly browse
the holdings on a simple web page. Oxpoints already has a way
to show a map of all departments (for example), by opening, but that means opening
Google Earth or loading it into Google Maps. If instead we
specify, [...]

New OxPoints and how to use it!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything about OxPoints, but at last we now have a lot of Arno Mittelbach’s work in Gaboto implemented into our new OxPoints system. With a new home at !
Last Friday we announced the availability of a few ways to access queries from our new system at an [...]

The new OxPoints

After spending lots of time looking into RDF and how we could use RDF as the data model for the new OxPoints system we finally decided to give it a try. One of the big problems we had with RDF was the difficulty of storing dimensional data as one of the key features of the [...]

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