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Progress Update

As you will know from the previous posts we are currently gethering as much information as we can about APEL.In the last week Harriet and I have been focusing in on UPC and what is already going in terms APEL and APCL. Our meeting in Bradford was extreemly useful and I must thank the other [...]

Baseline and JISC Meeting

The team have been busy working on our baseline study which we are hoping to get finished for next Monday although we anticipate this to be an ongoing piece of work.
Yesterday we had Ruth Drysdale, Tish Roberts and George Roberts visit us from JISC. We had an excellent meeting through the afternoon discussing our progress [...]

Project Planning Complete!

Hurrah, all JISC project planning documentation (and more) has been sent off today.

The Project – An Introduction

This website will be used to host all information regarding the PineAPPLe Project. This website is currently under development so expect a lot more content soon.
In the meantime have a look at this video by Dr Neil Witt and Dr Harriet Dismore providing an introduction to the project.

Working hard on the project planning

Time to go through the proposal with a fine-tooth comb looking. The JISC templates are time consuming but it’s good opportunity to double check the work flows. I have developed some extra templates to plot the work package inputs and outputs so I suppose I have made it worse – but it helps me work out the critical [...]

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