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Uncovering hidden connections in Research Activity Data

I recently submited an article to Sconul Focus which, I hope, will be published in a few months time. The topic of the article was data harvesting and aggregation. A simple and (hopefuly) easy to read explanation of a rather complex topic. I used our entity registry as an example and described how it harvests data from University and external sources, how it converts sources into RDF format so

Institutional Repositories: acceptance and adoption

I have been reading some literature about institutional (digital) repositories. I am interested in the human and social issues surrounding their development and implementation as well as their embedding. I think this literature is very relevant to BRII as it reports experiences in similar implementations (not necessarily technically but conceptually) in similar kinds of institutions.Technically

Data, ideas and more

Yesterday, I met with Luis Martinez Uribe, Digital Repositories Research Coordinator, to talk about research data. Luis is working in the The Embedding Institutional Data Curation Services in Research (EIDCSR) project which looks at research data management and curation challenges. Previously he worked in the Scoping digital repository services for research data management project where he

What is Research Management Data?

BRII’s aim is to develop an infrastructure that captures research management information from different sources, which are published or which are classified as appropriate for open publication, and allow their sharing or dissemination in different contexts. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am planning a stakeholder analysis (which I hope to start soon!) to identify stakeholders and their

Connecting stakeholders and data

The first stage in the BRII project is to carry out a stakeholder analysis. A stakeholder analysis is a process that involves the identification of the project’s stakeholders and an assessment of their interests and the ways those interests could affect or be affected by the project. Stakeholders could be people or organisations and their interests could be in favour or against the project.As the

Some thoughts about Data

One of the interviews I conducted this week left me thinking on the issues of transformation of data and its different meanings. I was talking to this lady about her work with research activity data. She explained me how she collects information from various sources, enters that information in a spreadsheet and accommodates it according to her needs. This accommodation involves the organization

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