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Six Twitter powered art projects

Here are some nice mash-ups done with Twitter…

Blog posts automatically posted to Twitter is a tool which automatically posts links to new blog posts in Twitter.
I have set this up an account to post new blog entries here to the Twoler Twitter feed.
So, this post should appear in Twitter shortly after posting here.
Did you read it here first, or have you come from Twitter?

Changing a TWOLER feed output using Yahoo! Pipes

The output of a number of the TWOLER RSS feeds can be modified by changing parameters in the URL.
For examples modules in the school of Biosciences is returned by:
This can be modified to modules of the Law school by changing the three letter school code to LAW:
Currently these changes have to be made manually but [...]

Archiving twitter feeds

Here’s a great posting on 10 ways to archive your tweets (twitter messages)…

Getting content from sites that do not have an RSS feed

There are a number of free tools that you can use to get content onto your sites using these “screen scraper” services.
I used the twoLER Facebook page as the page I wanted to generate the feed from. The ones that I have looked at so far that seem to be decent enough to use are:
Feedity [...]

Converting RSS feeds into WordPress posts

Just tried out a nice plug-in that syndicates an RSS feed and converts each element into a WordPress post.
It’s called FeedWordPress and can be found at

WordPress as an RSS engine

Wordpress is known to many as a blogging tool, and increasingly as a CMS tool (, but less so as a source of RSS feeds.
Some will have seen the orange RSS logo on Wordpress sites and may even know how to obtain the feed URL to use in an RSS reader to read the [...]

Word docs to Drupal – workflow

I have tested a workflow to get ISLS documentation – in Microsoft Word with embedded screen shots – into Drupal, in order to use the excellent autocategorising and taxonomy features of Drupal.
The workflow is:

Copy and paste from MS Word into Windows Live Writer.
Post from Live Writer to a Wordpress blog.
In Drupal use the SimpleFeed module [...]

Yahoo! Pipes

I have just discovered Yahoo! Pipes (although it has existed for two years) – an online tool to aggregate, manipulate and mashup web content – taking feeds as inputs and outputting a feed in a choice of formats.
The user interface is graphical.
More at

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