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Package Sequencing with App-V

March 2009
The following applications have been sequenced to run under App-V, these include:

Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher, Onenote, PictureManager)
Minitab 15
Adobe Photoshop CS
Crocodile Clips (this is just for a test and is not part of the iBorrow suite of software)
Adobe Reader plugin
Adobe Flashplayer plugin
Adobe Shockwave plugin
Java plugin

This will be the bulk of the software [...]

The Highs and Lows with the ASUS 1000H

April 2009
The User Technology Team started to configure the ASUS 1000H with Microsoft Vista as part of it’s 3 icon strategy to bring it in line with the University’s overall Vista strategy. The start up times were proven to be slow, and the connection to Eduroam was equally slow. Once they managed to get logged in, the performance was acceptable after defragmenting, indexing, [...]

Blades and Thin Clients

In January 2009, the Computing Services’ Infrastructure Group had purchased, delivered and commissioned the necessary Virtualisation resources for the project. These resources comprised of six HP server blades and the necessary VMware ESX licenses. Some discussions are currently underway on how these servers will be configured for virtualisation.
At the iBorrow Project Working Group (iBPWG) meeting [...]

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