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Sharing Educational Content – a Panel for Southampton Learning and Teaching Week

This time last year EdSpace took part in the University Learning and Teaching Week. The session introduced EdSpace as a project aiming to promote a culture of sharing learning resources across the University. It demoed  EdShare as a social site which will allow staff and students to upload resources, selectively share them and add comments. [...]

Features and feedback from February

We have been working on enhancing the frontpage of EdShare.  The new look was unveiled at the end of last week.  We have also been looking at the overall presentation of specific features for the user interface.  Having mapped out our final workplan for the last month of the JISC-funded section on this Project, we [...]

Supporting the discussions

Jessie Hey and I have been attending a whole range of meetings across the institution over the past year especially to engage our community with the Edshare resource our Project is developing.  The most recent event we have attended was a Faculty Education Committee meeting for one of the 3 Faculty groups within the University.  [...]

Good intentions report

Lou McGill has led a team in producing a new report for JISC: a study on the evidence base for sharing learning resources.  Hugh Davis and I (Debra Morris) contributed to the report and it is available at:
In particular, the report provides some real insights to possible future business cases and models for national, sectoral, [...]

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