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Video camera – automatic exposure problem

The room lighting in the computer lab was not suitable for lecture capture. The lights were the latest specification that are designed for computer room. They send the light straight down and not sideways to reduce screen reflections. The result is that their is little light directed at the presenters face. This was made more [...]

Quicker Media Processing

Another advantage of having Echo360 on it’s own Vlan is that we can remove the encryption between the servers and the capture appliances to speed up the media processing.
In ESS, Configuration, System Settings, Intake Settings, FTP Protocol = SFTP w/o Encryption. (EchoSystem Server v.

Embedded Video Limitations

We have experienced an issue with capturing Embedded Videos played via YouTube. They appear choppy or do not capture at all (Current version
Echo’s Response:
XGA/EVGA screen capturing is a much more specialized feature than ordinary composite video. Because of the substantially higher bandwidth required to process PC display signals (they are many times more bulky [...]

Camera Connectivity

We have found that using a wireless AV sender to transfer the video signal from the camera to the capture appliance was subject to interferance from mobile phones and other electronic devices. Using a normal composite video cable solved this issue.

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