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Sakai tools

Earlier this year we surveyed all the tools available to us in our Sakai VLE, with a view to deciding which were the top candidates for mobilisation (whether by developing a new mobile-friendly interface or by tidying up the existing tool).
When evaluating these tools we tried to consider:

how widely they were used
how relevant they were [...]

Postgraduate support for EdShare

On 11 March I was invited along to a newly-formed University Group which has emerged from the 3 Graduate Schools associated with each of the faculties within the institution.  This Group has been formed to provide a strategic way to explore and understand work for supporting post-graduate research students and their supervisors, as well as to share and [...]

Features and feedback from February

We have been working on enhancing the frontpage of EdShare.  The new look was unveiled at the end of last week.  We have also been looking at the overall presentation of specific features for the user interface.  Having mapped out our final workplan for the last month of the JISC-funded section on this Project, we [...]

EdSpace away day – 13 January 2009

The EdSpace team held an awayday on Tuesday 13 January 2009.  10 members of the wider EdSpace team – technical team members as well as Project team members – met in the University’s Highfied LATEU Training Room.  This venue, while being on campus and right in the heart of the University of Southampton, offers us [...]

Good intentions report

Lou McGill has led a team in producing a new report for JISC: a study on the evidence base for sharing learning resources.  Hugh Davis and I (Debra Morris) contributed to the report and it is available at:
In particular, the report provides some real insights to possible future business cases and models for national, sectoral, [...]

Jorum Forum

10 December 2008, Jessie Hey and I (Debra Morris) went off to the University of Manchester to attend the Jorum Forum.  Phil Barker has blogged this event as well:
An event to engage and encourage  the Higher Education and Further Education community to make visible, share, and re-use resources for teaching and learning.  This event [...]

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