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All the outputs there are

Anne-Sophie has produced a wonderful list of all of the project outputs. This will be included in our completion report, but I’m also reproducing it here as I’m sure people will find it useful.GENERAL OUTPUTS – Showing the complete picture* The blogThe blog describes the stages through the project. It also contains a lot of [...]

Final report

Here it is: PDF.

Closing summary

As the project comes to an end, and we pack away our few remaining postit notes for future user-centric design work, we report here the Executive Summary from our final report, including a high level view of our key learnings which other HEIs can benefit from. BackgroundThe genesis of this project was in the rapid [...]

Assembly on personas and user testing

On Friday 5th of March we hosted an Assembly on how to create personas and how to do user testing.During our project we learned a lot about these topics so we thought it would definitely be useful sharing it with other projects in this way.The assembly was in fact a hands-on workshop with first a [...]

Product 1 – Find out how to use user-centric design!

Desperate to understand what your faculty and students REALLY want (because it’s never what they ask for)?This handbook gives you the methodology description of the JISC Academic Networking project.A run-through, with real examples, pictures and lots of ‘how-do-I-start-on-this’ should enable you to get started on a project, using this methodology yourself.> Download the Handbook> Download [...]

Product 2 – Find out how to involve stakeholders efficiently!

Looking to try something new with your next project, or you simply want to find out how to involve your stakeholders efficiently? Then this product is something for you!It can sometimes be really hard to get your stakeholders involved. This tick-box-shaped document isn’t a walkthrough roadmap, but a list of initiatives you can choose from, [...]

And so the research phase came to an end…

Pretty songs always come to an end, and so does this interesting research phase. Lets summarise what we’ve done during the last months…Gathering information through diaries and interviewsWe wanted to gather information from people who could be possible users of our ‘Academic Networking’ system. Therefore we thought of recruiting users within 3 types of roles [...]

Academic Networking within your Virtual Learning Environment

As mentioned before, one of the outcomes of the JISC Academic Networking project is that the results of the project will be integrated in future releases of the open source Collaboration and Learning Environment Sakai.For those who haven’t heard about Sakai before: Sakai is a Collaboration and Learning Environment platform for making teaching, learning and [...]

Even more documenting!

As promised here is the 100-pages document which has finally been finished (in fact, it’s a bit longer than 100 pages).We even made a 20-page version of it in case you don’t want to go that much into detail.These documents should give you a detailed overview of our project, telling you all how we went [...]

And so the design phase came to an end

Lets again summarise what we’ve done during the last months…Creating extreme designs using personas and requirementsWe focused on the concepts and requirements which we thought would be most useful and used those to brainstorm and think of ‘extreme’ designs.This means we were using these extreme ideas to turn them into metaphors which were much easier [...]

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