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JISC programme event 12th November 2009

The online event ‘Institutional Pragmatics’ run in Elluminate was attended by David Morris, Amanda Hardy and Juliet Hinrichsen for ELTAC.  Juliet gave a presentation on challenges and solutions; a copy of the slides is available below.
The day focussed on lessons learned in terms of implementing institutional change and change in practice.  Over 80 participants registered [...]

Health and Life Sciences Launch

Imran Ali and Julie Harrower organised and conducted the HLS faculty Launch of echo360. David Morris attended the Panel discussion as part of the launch. Here is a link to the recording of the launch.
Also included below is a flyer that was designed, printed and then distributed to Academic staff across the faculty. eltac-project-flyer.pdf

Diverse Conference

Mark Childs and other colleagues gave a Masterclass on lecture capture at the
Diverse Conference in July 2009.
You can see an Echo360 capture of their presentation here.

Echo360 Conference

David Morris gave a keynote presentation at the Echo360 Conference in June 2009 in Washington.
The presentation and accompanying paper are available here.
A full Echo360 version of the presentation can be seen here.

Echo Booking Form

A website has been created to allow staff to complete a form to request an echo to be recorded in an echo enabled room.
Please note this website is currently available on campus only.
The actual booking of the room itself still needs to be done by the staff member.

Video camera – automatic exposure problem

The room lighting in the computer lab was not suitable for lecture capture. The lights were the latest specification that are designed for computer room. They send the light straight down and not sideways to reduce screen reflections. The result is that their is little light directed at the presenters face. This was made more [...]

Visit to Newcastle

Denise, Amanda, Imran and I visited the Steering Group of the ReCap project at Newcastle university on 6th March.  This was a very useful experience for us all, with a number of reflection points to take away.  Some of the key things that emerged:
 *  clear vision of their ‘utility’ model of lecture capture; Coventry/ELTAC will [...]

Staff development workshop run

we have completed another staff development workshop (12th March).  This session contained some project members and CSHE staff.  Although condensed into a half-day we received positive feedback, despite some technical problems!!
Our strategy now is to run only programme or team workshops as we feel this works better; it also helps to focus on some o [...]

Loughborough University interest in ELTAC

Charles Shields, Head of E-Learning at Loughborough, heard about our project through mutual contacts at Derby who were at the Echo360 Users conference and contacted me for a visit.  On Monday 16th March Andy Syson and I met with him to outline our experiences to date and discuss a number of issues, including staff acceptance [...]

Staff feedback from workshop

We had a very successful staff development event on  29th January.  Nine academics attended, 6 from BES (MBA programme) and 2 from HLS.  There was extensive discussion during the day and a summary of issues raised/comments from staff (see below).
Next workshop: 12th March 2009
Specific feedback on forms:
·         Technicians need to work closely with academics regarding [...]

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