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Updated videos for student submission and marking

New captivate videos are now online on the www.jisc-ea.soton.ac.uk web site. Under resources there are links for instructional videos on student submission and marking. These have been updated with the latest build of the e-Assignment system. Student submission has had a mostly visual make-over. The marking process shows some of the new features of the [...]

Marking Workflows and demonstrator information

The marking workflows as described in previous posts are now under resources on the www.jisc-ea.soton.ac.uk web site.
Also worth mentioning is that the old information about the demonstrator has been moved onto the jisc-ea web site from its former home (also on the resources page). Next step will be updating the history document as this will [...]

Scoring and Criteria

Marking within e-Assignment takes the form of a series of criteria, each of which has a weighting. Scores awarded to criteria are combined with the weighting to create an overall percentage (where necessary this percentage can subsequently be converted to a letter grade). If more ‘old fashioned’ marking is needed, this can of course be [...]

Marking Methodology

As our development pushes deep into the marking and administration modules we’ve had some discussion about standardising the naming of the different marking methods that the e-Assignment system supports. This is also a common question people ask when first finding out about the system, so here’s a run-down of the different methodologies. If you’d like [...]

Is ‘late’, always ‘late’ or can it be ‘very late’?

Recently I saw a (very new) draft policy that was sent round our institution. This was all about late submission of student work. I won’t go into the details of the proposed policy (technically I’m probably not allowed), but the main thrust was to apply a blanket policy institution wide on how to deal with [...]

Where are we going?

There haven’t been many blog posts as we’ve all been working hard to catch up on lost time and bring the project back on track.
In future I expect we’ll publish blog items as elements get tested or deployed, or when demonstrations have been produced. I am considering creating a Twitter account so that we can [...]

Where have we been?

Yes indeed, where have we been? Well to cut a very, very long story short we had some problems with staff resourcing.
Put simply – don’t start a project like this when the University is being reorganised. From May until November last year we were effectively a person down on the resources we needed. This meant [...]

Resource web site online

We’ve setup a web site to provide access to a number of resources relating to the project. At present this is material relating to the predecessor MHLS demonstrator system, however as we start to create elements of the new system these will also appear here.

Basic Workflow

I thought it would be beneficial to show the basic workflow of how e-Assignment works. This isn’t significantly altered from that used to create the MHLS Faculty demonstrator system (that forms a basis for work on the Institutional system). This diagram was recently shown at our first steering group meeting.
I think the diagram should speak [...]

Progress So Far

An update to where the project is so far:
We’ve had a meeting of the project team and the project plan, work packages and revised budget have all gone to JISC (incidentally our programme manager from JISC has changed, not sure at this stage whether this will have an effect on the project or not).
The first [...]

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