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Leaflets for Trade Fair in JISC Workshop

As one of the second phase institutional innovation projects, we are prearing to contribute to the Trade Fair in JISC workshop in the end of January selling our products and buying the others’ products – it’s kind of a game to evaluate the project outcomes. 
To productize our project outcome, we came up with the suggestion of five leaflets [...]

MCMS Evaluation Workshop Video

We are planning an evaluation workshop to get feedbacks on our work from stakeholders.
The system demonstration videos are ready now with full narration:
- video for students
- video for tutors

Student Design Competition

The MDSEG(The centre for Model Driven Software Engineering) in the School of Computing is inviting art students to show their creativity and technique in our small student graphic design competition. The purpose of the competition is to improve our MCMS student website in the way looks more fancy and attractive. Main job will be to create 20 [...]

MCMS Evaluation workshop

We are currently preparing an evaluation workshop for our system.
The introduction videos including system demenstration are followed.

PPT Slides for students
Demonstration video 1
Demonstration video 2
PPT Slides for tutors
Demonstration video 3
Demonstration video 4
PPT Slides for sudents

MCMS Poster on JISC Meeting

We attended to JISC synthetication meeting on April.
It was great time to share the experience with people and cooperate to activate benefits realization.
Here is our post displayed on the meeting.

Konwledge Sharing Seminar

We held an open seminar to share oracle data warehouse and data miner knowledge which are used for our projects platforms.
Here are the presentation files.
- Introduction to Oracle Data Warehouse 11g:  2009-04-01-oracle-warehouse-builder
- Introduction to Oracle Data Miner : 2009-04-01-oracle-data-mining

Welcome to MCMS

Welcome to the MCMS site!

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