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Social Software inside the Enterprise – does it have a role?

British Computer Society – Sociotechnical Specialist Group host
Social Software inside the Enterprise – does it have a role?
Ian McNairn
Wednesday  Feb 10th 2010
London Venue:
Marylebone Road. (Opp. Baker Street Station, and Mme Tussauds)
Time: 6.15pm – 8.00pm including questions. Cost:Free.  All welcome!
Especially PG students.

Room: [...]

Roundup of TWOLER events… and this is just for January 2010!

It’s been a bumper month with a lot of different things going on with Twoler.
The month started off with working out who won the “You Mix, We Use, You Win” – TWOLER Challenge. Thank you all for participating in the competition and those of you who attended workshops during the 1st semester of 2009/10 year. [...]

Competition Winners

Finally after many weeks of developing, 2 extensions and over 40 entries, we finally have the winner. 4 teams, 8 individuals and the winners are….

Student Voting



1. Most popular downloads / site traffic
WMIN Campus Guides (Einstein Productions)
Westminster Student Community (Gordan Grasarevic / Riccardo Russell)

The Biosciences Society Website and Forum (Amber Shafi)

2. Most popular voting
WMIN Campus [...]

Competition Submissions

When you are submitting your entries to the competition, can you please make sure that they are things that you have created and not existing websites/services that have been created by someone else. They may be very useful for students, but we are looking for your creations. Thanks.
There are many great websites out there that [...]

Long time no post…

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything to the blog, apologies for that, been busy planning for the start of the competition and events that will be taking place during the remainder of the Twoler project.
Two weeks we had the final Show & Tell session with the studentships students working over the summer. [...]

Six Twitter powered art projects

Here are some nice mash-ups done with Twitter…

Blog posts automatically posted to Twitter

Twitterfeed.com is a tool which automatically posts links to new blog posts in Twitter.
I have set this up an account to post new blog entries here to the Twoler Twitter feed.
So, this post should appear in Twitter shortly after posting here.
Did you read it here first, or have you come from Twitter?

Changing a TWOLER feed output using Yahoo! Pipes

The output of a number of the TWOLER RSS feeds can be modified by changing parameters in the URL.
For examples modules in the school of Biosciences is returned by:
This can be modified to modules of the Law school by changing the three letter school code to LAW:
Currently these changes have to be made manually but [...]

Competition Progress

We had a great competition planning meeting last week, where we thrashed out all the different avenues of advertising the competition to student’s and staff. The best part was the brainstorming session we had afterwards to pick a slogan for it all.
You mix, we use, you win
We have a twoler twitter account which was created [...]

Archiving twitter feeds

Here’s a great posting on 10 ways to archive your tweets (twitter messages)…

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