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Presentation in UKAIS and Road show in Anglia Ruskin University

Presentation in UKAIS conference 2011 in oxford, which arose from a meeting in 1993 of leading UK academics in information systems.
On 14 April, project road show hold in Anglia Ruskin University, more details about the feedback will be shown in BR report.

19th and 20th Road show in Nottingham and Wolverhampton

The aim for the session is for our team to share our experiences and demonstrate our tools while engaging in conversation with participants, includes:

-          Presentation of the MUSKET project within the JISC LLL-WDP programme
-          Demonstration of the MUSKET tools (hands on)
-          Evaluation and feedback session
-          Discussion on how such tools would help with APEL/APCL and [...]

20 October JISC-SSBR Institutional Innovation Festival of Assemblies and Trade Fair

Musket present the project outcomes and outputs,  taking the feadbacks from the event, and we modify/design interface of the tools as shown below:
Two interface options would be present for input of course data:
a.       A newly designed Musket template in Microsoft Word format for
(i)                  Program information input and
(ii)                Module information input
b.      Musket web form input [...]

5th Oct XCRI Showcase in Nottingham University

Musket project attended XCRI Mini-pilot Showcase event on 5th Oct 2010, in this event, we presented the latest development of the tools, our collabration work with UWIC had also been demo in this event.
In Oct, musket will foucs on the interface of the tools and the evaluation of the semantic similarity function.

Model Diagram for Transform Tool

Stage 1: 1) Convert word document into htm format
         2) Using AWK application to simplified the htm file.
         3) Using c application to create xmi file and create the
            instance of the simplified model. 
Stage 2: 1) create correspond model based on the rules 
         2) create correspond model based on the rule_correspond model and informatics 
         3) transform simplified model into related correspond model  
Stage 3: Transform the correspond model from stage 2 into our target model

28th July, JISC Innovation Forum 2010 (JIF2010)

The purpose of the JISC Innovation Forum 2010 (JIF2010) is to bring together over 200 JISC funded projects for a networking, sharing and learning event.  JIF2010 provided a forum for projects and programmes to meet, engage, share ideas and form useful relationships.
In this Even, I have a discussion with PINEAPPLE and OULDI project members. Pineapple is [...]

22th July, East Midlands XCRI day

22th July, East Midlands XCRI day, is to show how the XCRI implementations in the East Midlands can be best positioned to present a coherent and seamless interface, to streamline information for the learner, employer, and learning provider. In the event,
1. I have a meeting with uwic members, they are satisfied with the Transform [...]

Meeting with UWIC JISC Project Member

12th July, I have a meeting with UWIC JISC project’s members, Richard and Tingting, in Oxford.
We confirmed that:
1. By this week, based on our Transform Tool, I will develop a small application and UML modeling for UWIC, they will
test and evaluate the tool, and the output will be published in their Website. We can mention that into [...]

MUSKET Assembly on 2nd July 2010

We have arranged an Assembly for JISC projects in the LLLWFD stream on the subject of XCRI (and APEL) at Middlesex University, on Friday 2nd  July 2010 at 10am till 4pm.  Location is Hendon Campus The Burroughs London NW4 4BT MAP

27th May, Birmingham JISC Eevent

Event Cross- programme meeting, Date 27 May 2010 are hosted in the Birmingham, which Enable JISC and other related projects to share emerging lessons and learning around the use of technology to support the design, delivery, support and assessment of flexible learning opportunities for work-based and work-placed learners; and engaging with employers / professional bodies / other partners [...]

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