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Semantic Tool for Route planning:

The reason is that XML was designed to carry data, not to display data, XML tags are not predefined, and XML is designed to be self-descriptive. Musket Semantic Tool needs to understand the schema and semantics of the XCRI XML files, it will be able to return informative responses and support the route planning. Within [...]

Modelling and its importance – JISC CETIS Conference Workshop November 11 2009

The JISC CETIS conference 2009 held at Aston Business School hosted a workshop on the “Problems with Modelling”. The workshop was organised by Prof. Oleg Liber and participants were mainly from the BCE – CRM projects.
While the workshop was intended to be a more supporting activity on existing modelling practice it became clear that there [...]

XCRI Workshop – Manchester Metropolitan University

On the 9th of September Mark Stubbs introduced the XCRI standard – providing an overview of the background of the original project and also a summary of the current standardisation activity across Europe.
In the UK, now XCRI-CAP 1.1 is the national e-prospectus standard and is also conformant to the MLO standard in Europe- meta data [...]

Project Overview

JISC – Institutional innovation projects in lifelong learning and workforce development Design
Outline Project Description: The project aims to support employer engagement and workforce planning requirements by providing a CRM based integrated view of employer based, professional and tertiary sector education. The project will deliver models (documented in standards such as UML and BPMN) that will span employer engagement and [...]

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