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The OU on iTunes U

How the iTunes U project started for the Open University

High Production Podcasting

The Open University shares their experience with High Production Podcasting and the approaches they take.

Ten Top Tips for Podcasting

The Open University shares with us ten top tips for institutional podcasting

Up The Steeple: An introduction for the ICTF

As part of the Oxford ICTF Conference 2009, the Steeple project and OUCS Podcasting Team presented an introduction to podcasting within Oxford and a background to the work of Steeple.

The Opencast Community Project

Olaf Schulte (ETH Zurich) talks about making podcasts available online globally through the OpenCast Community Project and the Matterhorn project and also talks about the ways ETH Zurich are making headway in the OpenCast Community Project

Can you hear me now? How to get your videos into UK secondary schools

Bjoern Hassler (Cambridge University) talks about the different ways of distributing podcasts, in particular how to get podcasts into schools and considerations such as accessibility, relevance to school subjects and the potential popularity of items

Under the Bonnet: Technical Considerations in Running Open University Podcasting

Ben Hawkridge (Open University) talks about the technical aspect of running a university podcasting service: covering questions such as server management, accessibility issues and analyzing usage statistics

User Studies from Osnabruck

Markus Kettrl (Osnabruck University) talks about how the Osnabruck podcasting team record and upload audio and video podcasts of lectures and also the kinds of systems they use to achieve this

Podcasting People: Stories and Experiences from real life podcasters

Guests and delegates of the 2009 Beyond Walls conference share their stories and experiences of podcasting and offer tips to one another

The Challenges and Opportunities in Podcasting at a Research University

Peter Robinson (Oxford University) about the challenges and opportunities in Podcasting at Oxford University and how the podcasting team at Oxford has found the experience of creating a podcasting project

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